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Symphony in Blue


If you’re not empowered by fast fashion and fleeting trends, Billie Boots brings possibility on a hanger.

Style is creativity, a way to experiment and play with what it is to be you.

Curate a meaningful wardrobe with distinctive pieces that inspire you to be fearless.

Elegant, enduring, evocative -  dress differently, dress like yourself. 

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Behind Billie Boots

Hi there! I'm Julie, founder of I am Billie Boots! Fashion-fascinated from a young age, I have worked industry-wide from editorial and commercial fashion styling to mainstream retail and visual merchandising.

Witnessing first hand the lack of inspiration and frustration women were experiencing within the mainstream retail environment, I created I am Billie Boots to inspire women to express their unique style, connect to their clothes and create a meaningful wardrobe they love.

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