If you’re not empowered by fast fashion and fleeting trends, Billie Boots brings possibility on a hanger. Style is creativity, a way to experiment and play with what it is to be you.

Curate a meaningful wardrobe with distinctive pieces that inspire you to be fearless. Elegant, enduring, evocative -  dress differently, dress like yourself. 

Express yourself

We don’t explore fashion, we explore opportunities for self-expression. Never fast, our beautifully constructed pieces are finished with attention to detail; thoughtful, timeless items to treasure. Ready-to-wear statement shapes and fabrics with story sewn into the seams.

Clothes don’t just create outfits, they create meaning.

When your clothes match your conviction and creativity, it gives you the courage to lean into your style. We find beautiful, unique pieces and take the hard work out of sourcing quality, preloved, and vintage clothing.

Move beyond the unimaginative, live in your skin and stand in your style.

Behind Billie Boots

Hi there! I'm Julie, founder of I am Billie Boots! Fashion-fascinated from a young age, Ihave worked industry-wide, from editorial and commercial fashion styling to mainstream retail and visual merchandising.

Witnessing first hand the lack of inspiration and frustration women were experiencing within the mainstream retail environment, I created I am Billie Boots to inspire women to express their unique style, connect to their clothes and create a meaningful wardrobe they love.

Each article of clothing is chosen with expert eyes and hands. We know what makes clothes covetable and one-of-a-kind. We understand garment construction and recognise quality.

Don’t miss out on the joy of dressing up because high street shopping leaves you uninspired, because they say you don't fit the mould.

Experiment. Express yourself. Dress like you not them.